photo by josh groom

photo by josh groom


Somewhere in a small hidden studio next to a government spy agency in Sydney an ambidextrous studio producer known as BATTERIE is working late into the night. With the persuasion of a double shot espresso BATTERIE powers up his sampler and picks up a pair of splintered drum sticks ready to beat a track into shape. With a penchant for wildly syncopated rhythms that interlock precisely with the glitched out sounds of toy keyboards bought with plastic money from a far away virtual world, the BATTERIE sound scape begins to take form. Driven by a disdain for the rules of musical convention that in his youth were drummed into him by a disgruntled Russian conductor, BATTERIE records one last take on the hybrid drum kit then automates the final filter sweep before completing the latest track

S0 what is BATTERIE exactly ? 

BATTERIE is the solo electronica act of musician and composer Jared Underwood.

BATTERIE also composes music for games. Collaborating with SMG studios, a Sydney based game developer.

In 2014 BATTERIE composed the game soundtrack for mobile games OTTTD and “One More Line”. “One More Line” has been downloaded more than 4 million times and has exposed the music of BATTERIE to a wide international audience with some gaming fans  streaming & purchasing the soundtracks directly from this BATTERIE website. The latest game to feature a BATTERIE game soundtrack is “One More Dash” is available now for free on the app store. 

BATTERIE started as a studio experimentation project for Jared involving his favourite studio gear and instruments –  Drum kit, analogue synths, loop pedals, electronic gadgets, samplers, effects and protools. BATTERIE draws influence from a wide range of musical styles and genres including electroinca, pop music, afro beat, minimalism, electroacoustic music and sound art. Bands that have inspired the project include Battles, Four tet, Tortoise, Aphex Twin, Caribou, Ratatat, Daft Punk, Cornelious, Mouse on Mars, Squarepusher, Talking Heads, Soul Wax, Tony Allen, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis and Xenarkis.

The Live incarnation of BATTERIE has Jared playing a hybrid Drum kit incorporating triggers, samplers, loop pedals, analogue synths and live triggered visual projections. It includes unconventional playing styles on the drum kit that make sounds inspired by the production techniques of electronic music. Each track is built up from live layers of loops that Jared creates in real time then interacts with.

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Bio: Jared is an award winning musician / composer / producer. He has a Diploma of Music in percussion from The Sydney Conservatorium of Music and is a graduate from AFTRS in screen music. In 2014 as BATTERIE Jared composed the game soundtrack for mobile games OTTTD and One More Line. One More Line has been downloaded more than 4 million times and has exposed the music of BATTERIE to a wide international audience.

In 2013 he was the winner of TropScore and performed his film score live to picture at TROPFEST in the Domain in front of an 80,000 strong audience. He also won ‘Best Original Score’ at TROPFEST for film ‘A Desperate Deed’ by director Matt Bird in 2011.  He won the ‘Jury Choice Gold medal’ for his film score in Matt Bird’s short film “Cold Sore” in the Park City Film Music Festival USA. He has been nominated for 2 ARIA awards as a member of CODA. Jared has collaborated with multimedia artist Lauren Brincat at Anna Schwartz Gallery. In 2010 Jared in collaboration with Flutter Lyon performed a live improvised sound track to fashion designer Konstantina Mittas catwalk parade. He has played in numerous ensembles and bands including CODA, PROP the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Nick Littlemore, Grafton Primary, The Whitlams, King Tide, Lovers Electric and Petulant Frenzy. Jared also produces and engineers music in a Sydney based studio.

…. and over the years BATTERIE has made and played music with CODA, Grafton Primary, Fantine, Luke Steele, Nick Littlemore, PROP, Kim Moyes, Julian Hamilton, King Tide, Lovers Electric, The Whitlams, Tex Perkins, Lenka, Abby Dobson, Carla Werner, Hugo Race, Jimmy Little and more..

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