BATTERIE opening act for Cibo Matto (NewYork) at the Oxford Arts Factory 30th Oct 2014. Review by Andrew McDonald for The

Live review ; Andrew McDonald – “Sydney-based electro producer and composer Batterie, Jared Underwood, certainly makes his sonic mark quickly. Seated behind a drum kit while simultaneously operating a keyboard and a handful of samplers, he’s able to craft glitch-driven soundscapes live on the fly. What could easily turn into very academic and dry music never forgets its purpose in the hands of Underwood, with Battles and Holy Fuck-reminiscent grooves finding their way into every song. Backed by a suitably glitch-inspired black and white projection, the entire set, as varied as it was, managed to stand together as a very cohesive statement. If we’re lucky, we’ll see a damn fine instrumental hip hop album from Batterie in the future”.

Internet celebrity PewDiePie ( with 33 million subscribers on YouTube ) does a game play review of OTTTD featuring BATTERIE’s soundtrack on his YouTube channel (August 2014)
In fact this is what he said about BATTERIE’s soundtrack ; ‘I fucking love the music man, I keep saying it, but its awesome’ 

batterie Happy review blog

AU review BATTERIE support Gang Gang Dance Sydney Opera House




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