The music is awesome, I love it. I fucking love the music man, I keep saying it, but its awesome” – PewDiePie 

Internet celebrity PewDiePie (with 55 million subscribers, the worlds most subscribed to blogger) does a game play review of OTTTD featuring BATTERIE’s soundtrack on his YouTube channel (August 2014) This video alone has been viewed 3.6 million times !

BATTERIE opening act for Cibo Matto (NewYork) at the Oxford Arts Factory 30th Oct 2014. Review by Andrew McDonald for The

Live review ; Andrew McDonald – “Sydney-based electro producer and composer Batterie, Jared Underwood, certainly makes his sonic mark quickly. Seated behind a drum kit while simultaneously operating a keyboard and a handful of samplers, he’s able to craft glitch-driven soundscapes live on the fly. What could easily turn into very academic and dry music never forgets its purpose in the hands of Underwood, with Battles and Holy Fuck-reminiscent grooves finding their way into every song. Backed by a suitably glitch-inspired black and white projection, the entire set, as varied as it was, managed to stand together as a very cohesive statement. If we’re lucky, we’ll see a damn fine instrumental hip hop album from Batterie in the future”.

The Orange Press May 2012 Blog review. BATTERIE music video ‘Spring Step’

The track has a fluent, progressive feel gently taking you on a euphoric sonic journey. Which accompanied with the whimsical, expressive video makes for a fantastic combination. The Video is shot and edited beautifully and really captures the essence of the song. In particular the last shot of the clip was shot spectacularly (watch it and you’ll see what I mean). The lead synth is reminiscent of the 90’s and gives the track a nostalgic edge while the song feels current. The production kept relatively restrained and sparse which has the effect of leaving a lot of sonic space, for the intricately weaving subtle details, lush pads and rich pulsating baselines. In short, its great and I’d recommend this to anyone to watch, and I’m keen to hear more from BATTERIE.

batterie Happy review blog

AU review BATTERIE support Gang Gang Dance Sydney Opera House




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