BATTERIE writes the music for OTTTD game

 The process of creating the music for OTTTD.

This is the first game project where Ive written all the music. Im really excited about the music I have written and how it all works in the game. Cant wait for it to be released.
Thankfully I was given a healthy amount of creative license from the creators of OTTTD to compose some music that was at their request; original, weird, dramatic, psychotic, over the top, and experimental.
I think overall the sound is rusty industrial electronica, action movie inspired film score with a mad scientist playfulness to it.
The industrial sounds are characterised by the use of junk metal percussion ( some literally picked up off the side of the road ) and grinding distorted bass lines.
The electronica, Sci Fi and gritty beats come from my array of boutique analogue synthesisers and vintage drum kits and samplers that I also use when I play live gigs as BATTERIE my solo electronica project. Sound art gadgets that I acquired from hock shops on my travels to New York and LA are responsible for some of the bizarre mad scientist sounds. The epic film score qualities you hear in OTTTD are due to my experience scoring film and TV.
It was a roller-coaster ride composing the music for OTTTD because at same time I was composing a 25 minute relaxation chill out track for another project and also a film score for a new Australian Horror film. So my head was spinning by the end of it all, but it was strangely enjoyable jumping from one thing to another and in some ways it worked creatively in a kind of Yin and Yang way.
Check out more of Jared’s upcoming music and projects on his website.




Electronica Act and Game Music Composer Composer of the popular game's; One More Line & Thumb Drift
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