Guest Lecture at The Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

I was recently invited to present my two hour guest lecture ‘Composing music for video games’ at The Sydney Conservatorium of Music (where I also graduated as a contemporary percussionist many years ago).

It was a real blast to be standing up in front of an audience of enthusiastic university students. I played them examples from 5 of the games I’ve composed the soundtracks for- including beta footage, early demos and UI sound effects. I also explained the production methods, composition and studio techniques I use when writing music for games and collaborating with indie game developers.

I’l be presenting this guest lecture again soon at SAE college Sydney and hopefully at some other Uni’s and Colleges in the future.

Please get in touch if you would be interested to have me come along as BATTERIE and present this multimedia talk at your Uni or College..






Electronica Act and Game Music Composer Composer of the popular game's; One More Line & Thumb Drift
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