BATTERIE talking at GCAP gaming conference Melbourne

On Wednesday 25th Oct BATTERIE will be presenting a talk with SMG Studio game developer founder Ash Ringrose at GCAP at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP) is the leading Australian conference for the game development, interactive media and screen tech industries, with over 1,000 attendees and representatives from almost every Australian game development company in attendance.

Jared and Ash will present a 1 hour talk called;

‘The creative collaboration between Game Developer and Game Music Composer (Jared Underwood aka BATTERIE; Ashley Ringrose, SMG Studios)’

They will discuss their collaboration, Jared’s music composition and production techniques for games and walk through numerous audio, video and game play beta footage examples of their indie games including;  ‘One More Line’ & ‘Thumb Drift’ games that have been downloaded more than 10 million times each !

More info here –


Electronica Act and Game Music Composer Composer of the popular game's; One More Line & Thumb Drift
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