BATTERIE playing a show at The GASO Melbourne

BATTERIE is excited to be playing a show in Melbourne for the first time ever. With support from two awesome Melbourne electronica acts EMAH FOX & JAMATAR

Bringing together electronica, chip tune, and synth pop- these indie acts will be glitching, bleeping, drumming and vocalizing their way into the night for your listening and viewing pleasure.

BATTERIE combines live drums, samplers, synths & sound-art gadgets in a unique live solo show that pushes the boundaries of what a solo performer can do. Previously he has supported New York groups Gang Gang Dance and CIBO MATTO and written the music for indie games: OTTTD, Thumb Drift and One More Line (downloaded more than 10 million times)

EMAH FOX is a musician and producer based in Melbourne. Her dark brand of synth pop pits urgent beats and ominous synths against sweet polyrhythmic melody. Her stellar live ensemble features dynamic kit drumming from creative powerhouse Nat Grant and extra synth wizardry from the cosmically exuberant Ania Reynolds.

Wielding ambient-come-pounding electro beats, using a Game Boy, laptop and electric guitar – J▲M▲T▲R’s live performance is already amounting a reputation for one hell of a party and his future shows are not to be missed.



Electronica Act and Game Music Composer Composer of the popular game's; One More Line & Thumb Drift
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