BATTERIE photos from Square Sounds Festival – Melbourne.

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Some photos from the BATTERIE live set at Square Sounds Festival – Melbourne 2018.

Thanks to Square Sounds for inviting me to play.

Thanks to O-zan photography for the excellent photos !

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BATTERIE is super excited to be included in the artist line up for Square Sounds Melbourne 2018 Festival on 23+24th February 2018. 
Its Australia’s only Chip Tune, Synth Wave & 8bit boutique micro festival. Held over 2 days at 24Moons night club in Northcote with international acts from USA, Japan, Ireland ,New Zealand and Australia (including BATTERIE)
The show also features guest VJ visual projection artists.
Come and check it out if your in Melbourne.
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BATTERIE playing a show at The GASO Melbourne

BATTERIE is excited to be playing a show in Melbourne for the first time ever. With support from two awesome Melbourne electronica acts EMAH FOX & JAMATAR

Bringing together electronica, chip tune, and synth pop- these indie acts will be glitching, bleeping, drumming and vocalizing their way into the night for your listening and viewing pleasure.

BATTERIE combines live drums, samplers, synths & sound-art gadgets in a unique live solo show that pushes the boundaries of what a solo performer can do. Previously he has supported New York groups Gang Gang Dance and CIBO MATTO and written the music for indie games: OTTTD, Thumb Drift and One More Line (downloaded more than 10 million times)

EMAH FOX is a musician and producer based in Melbourne. Her dark brand of synth pop pits urgent beats and ominous synths against sweet polyrhythmic melody. Her stellar live ensemble features dynamic kit drumming from creative powerhouse Nat Grant and extra synth wizardry from the cosmically exuberant Ania Reynolds.

Wielding ambient-come-pounding electro beats, using a Game Boy, laptop and electric guitar – J▲M▲T▲R’s live performance is already amounting a reputation for one hell of a party and his future shows are not to be missed.


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BATTERIE talking at GCAP gaming conference Melbourne

On Wednesday 25th Oct BATTERIE will be presenting a talk with SMG Studio game developer founder Ash Ringrose at GCAP at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP) is the leading Australian conference for the game development, interactive media and screen tech industries, with over 1,000 attendees and representatives from almost every Australian game development company in attendance.

Jared and Ash will present a 1 hour talk called;

‘The creative collaboration between Game Developer and Game Music Composer (Jared Underwood aka BATTERIE; Ashley Ringrose, SMG Studios)’

They will discuss their collaboration, Jared’s music composition and production techniques for games and walk through numerous audio, video and game play beta footage examples of their indie games including;  ‘One More Line’ & ‘Thumb Drift’ games that have been downloaded more than 10 million times each !

More info here –

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High Score APRA gaming convention in Melbourne

BATTERIE will be talking about his game music composition and production methods for mobile games (including Thumb Drift and One More Line) at this game music event put on by APRA in Melbourne.

High Score: Composition and Sound Art for Gaming will take place in Melbourne on Saturday 20 May at ACMI and see leading composers unpack their practices, techniques and styles in sessions aimed at educating and inspiring local music makers.

Joining composer Neal Acree at High Score will be ; SMG Studio and Soap Creative founder Ashley Ringrose; screen composer and musician Jared Underwood; and host of ABC ME’s Spawn Point Angharad ‘Rad’ Yeo, who will facilitate the day.

Photo of BATTERIE ( Jared Underwood ) by Helen White.

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ONE MORE JUMP game soundtrack

ONE MORE JUMP game soundtrack written by BATTERIE.

Game available on the itunes app store Spetember 1st 2016

This new skill timing game for iphone, ipad & android features 2 new tracks by BATTERIE. Jump Up & Jump Down.

You can also stream or purchase this game soundtrack on Apple Music, Spotify, google play, amazon, and more.

If your feeling the love … please like the BATTERIE Facebook page here;

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Star Dust Fashion Video

BATTERIE takes a diversion from writing game soundtracks and veers into the desert to write some cosmic ambient electronica for this dreamy fashion film by director Walter Maurice with Styling by Mel Byrne.

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Thumb Drift game available now

Start your engines.. here comes ‪#‎ThumbDrift‬
a brand new car racing game from ‪#‎smgstudios‬ and Batterie the same team that brought you ‪#‎OneMoreLine‬ that was downloaded 7 million times and counting !
ThumbDrift is now available on the iTunes app store for free

and is currently #5 in the USA iTunes app store charts

The soundtrack will be available to buy on the BATTERIE band camp page shortly.

Listen to the Thumb Drift soundtrack here;

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Thumb Drift new game feat BATTERIE soundtrack due out early 2016

Game music creator BATTERIE has almost completed writing the music for this cool new game for mobile devices due for release early 2016.
Its a really fast and addictive game with a soundtrack meant to give your twin turbo WRX sound system a work out !
Available soon on the App store from the rev heads that brought you #OneMoreLine and #OTTTD
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PLATO game soundtrack

PLATO is a fast-paced color matching endless runner that is bound to challenge your reflexes and dexterity. The futuristic-themed electrifying visual gaming experience demands your attention, while still emitting a feeling of a tranquil solo immersion.

This immersive visual experience features a dynamic audio soundscape crafted by BATTERIE who composed the soundtracks for One More Line, One More Dash & OTTTD with a hypnotic & pulsing ‘Space Disco’ soundtrack (Best experienced with headphones)

Following in the footsteps of classic arcade games, PLATO is easy to learn but full of subtleties, gameplay that will require you to think fast to survive for as long as possible and get a decent scores on the leaderboards. PLATO is designed test your agility and concentration, working on neurological pathways between sight and movement. With its solitary direct focal point and simple gameplay mechanics it engulfs the player in a relaxing near meditative experience, stimulated by a continuous ‘time-attack’ vibe.

The music was composed by Jared Underwood aka BATTERIE in Sydney Australia using vintage synths, drum machines, vocoders and sound art gadgets. It was mixed and mastered by Jared using boutique outboard processors; Vintech EQ & Overstayer SVC compressor.

Download from the iOS App Store –

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