Soundtrack for new game “ONE MORE DASH”

From the makers of “One More Line” : SMG studios and BATTERIE present 

ONE MORE DASH  mobile game for iPhone, iPad, Android and more.

Dash. Collect. Die. Repeat.
A deceptively simple game about timing.

BATTERIE ( Jared Underwood ) composed the music and some sound design for this fast paced skill timing game.

To buy the soundtrack by BATTERIE please navigate to our ‘Listen & Buy’ page on this site.

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Sweet Tweet

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BATTERIE playing The Band Room June 12th.

Up coming show at The Band Room (previously called Fbi social) at the Kings Cross Hotel, Sydney. Friday June 12th. 2015.  Free Entry. Batterie playing 9;30pm.

I have some new tunes, interactive visuals and I’l be playing some of the original game music that I wrote as BATTERIE for the 4 million downloads iOS game One More Line. It could also count as a quasi launch for a new game One More Dash that came out 3 days ago on the itunes app store that features a new BATTERIE soundtrack.

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ONE MORE LINE game soundtrack

ONE MORE LINE  mobile game for iPhone / iPad / Android 
** 4 million downloads since launch in Nov 2014  **
Original retro space disco game soundtrack by BATTERIE
ONE MORE LINE is a highly addictive, one button, space disco, skill timing game !
Created by game developers SMG Studios

buy ONE MORE LINE game sound track here on the official BATTERIE bandcamp page


OML 4 million

One More Line on the itunes app store game center
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BATTERIE Opens for CIBO MATTO ( NewYork )

What a fun show it was at the Oxford Arts Factory with BATTERIE being the opening act for NewYork group CIBO MATTO.

Thanks to Pop Frenzy and Chris Wu for the invitation to share the stage with Cibo Matto.

here is a nice review of the show from blog ; The Music

Here are some crisp photos that good friend Josh Groom took on the night. Thanks Josh.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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BATTERIE supporting CIBO MATTO Sydney Oct 30th

Super excited to be invited by PopFrenzy to support New York via Tokyo art-pop group Cibo Matto at Syndey’s Oxford Arts Factory on thursday 30th October.

Heralding their first trip to Australia, avant-garde legends Cibo Matto!!!!
Unlike most pretenders, Cibo Matto’s music is an entirely self-contained world, a look into the fantasy lives of Miho Hatori and Yuka C. Honda. Both women were raised in Japan, but met in New York’s vivid 90s Lower East Side art scene that included John Zorn, Sean Lennon and the Beastie Boys. Within six months of forming, David Byrne came to see them at a show and Warner Brothers picked them up off the strength of one self-released cassette tape

Cibo Matto 2014 Aust tour. BATTERIE support Sydney, Oxford Arts Factory.

Cibo Matto 2014 Aust tour. BATTERIE support Sydney, Oxford Arts Factory.

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Playing BEAMS arts festival 20th Sept 2014

Excited to be playing my live show at BEAMS arts festival on Saturday 20th September.
Its a free arts / light / music festival set in the lane ways of inner city Chippendale. There will be multi-media light installations in lane ways and music acts performing and tasty gourmet food stalls. It was fun last year. Come along on saturday the 20th. BATTERIE set is at 6pm on the main stage ( right near Cafe Giulia )


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OTTTD game soundtrack now available to buy

The soundtrack to the iphone game OTTTD written by BATTERIE is now available to purchase or listen to here on bandcamp.

The soundtrack includes 7 tracks that feature in OTTTD as ‘in game’ music. Some of the tracks are themes for Bosses (enemies that a player has to defeat) and some tracks were written as a theme for a virtual location in the game. The soundtrack has been re-mastered and tweaked since the initial release of the music included in the game. It is available here on Bandcamp in high quailty audio 24bit 44.1khz.

All tracks written, performed and mixed  by BATTERIE ( Jared Underwood )

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BATTERIE writes the music for OTTTD game

 The process of creating the music for OTTTD.

This is the first game project where Ive written all the music. Im really excited about the music I have written and how it all works in the game. Cant wait for it to be released.
Thankfully I was given a healthy amount of creative license from the creators of OTTTD to compose some music that was at their request; original, weird, dramatic, psychotic, over the top, and experimental.
I think overall the sound is rusty industrial electronica, action movie inspired film score with a mad scientist playfulness to it.
The industrial sounds are characterised by the use of junk metal percussion ( some literally picked up off the side of the road ) and grinding distorted bass lines.
The electronica, Sci Fi and gritty beats come from my array of boutique analogue synthesisers and vintage drum kits and samplers that I also use when I play live gigs as BATTERIE my solo electronica project. Sound art gadgets that I acquired from hock shops on my travels to New York and LA are responsible for some of the bizarre mad scientist sounds. The epic film score qualities you hear in OTTTD are due to my experience scoring film and TV.
It was a roller-coaster ride composing the music for OTTTD because at same time I was composing a 25 minute relaxation chill out track for another project and also a film score for a new Australian Horror film. So my head was spinning by the end of it all, but it was strangely enjoyable jumping from one thing to another and in some ways it worked creatively in a kind of Yin and Yang way.
Check out more of Jared’s upcoming music and projects on his website.



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Review from Happy

Here is a nice little review and thorough Blog post featuring BATTERIE video clip, photos and sound cloud link.

HHHappy Blog review

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